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Why You Should Read Less Self Development Books

Why You Should Read Less Self Development Books


I don’t remember anything. I’ve read about 6 books in the last two months and can barely remember a single word. When it comes to self-development I was obsessed with the misconception that to become the best version of myself I had to read as many self-development books as I could because I constantly heard that people of the likes of Bill Gates read about 50 books per year. One of my New Years' resolutions for 2021 was to read at least 4 books a month in an effort to become an avid reader. As time went on I realized I was becoming a reader, just not in the way I intended.

The entire purpose of reading a self-development book is to help you make improvements in your lifestyle. The problem with my goal was it never really allowed me to make those improvements because as soon as I finished a book I was already moving forward to the next one. This was generally good for my goal but not what I really wanted.

I came to realize that one self-development book per month is good enough.
This gives me time to read in-depth and understand the finer details and these details are important otherwise they wouldn’t have been included in the final book.  When writing a book authors compile what they consider the most important details but because you are so consumed with this goal to read more you might just miss some of these points.

Realize that you could read 50 books this year but still be the same person you were before you started because what measures your improvement isn’t how much you read, it’s how well you understand and take action to apply what you’ve read. Give your attention to one book and its concepts. Do one thing and do it well. Multi-tasking is hard. The problem is many of us try to take on more than we can handle because we simply believe we can, and this often leads to burnout or we simply make no progress and end up just where we started.

Read intentionally, reading isn’t a competition. Self-development is for the benefit of oneself; you wouldn’t feel good knowing you tell people you read 40 books a year but deep down you know you’ve learned nothing.

Pick the right books, take a moment to observe the points you are struggling with, don’t just go with any book, everyone has a weak area, start there, I find it best to start where I am weakest and develop from there.