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Secrets To Waking Up Earlier

Secrets To Waking Up Earlier


Waking up early is really a hustle, not only because we sleep late but because we just can't get enough of the warmth and comfort our blankets provide. But why is it that some people can wake up really early and still feel energized?

It's almost as if there are secrets to waking up earlier, hint: there are, and it's not as simple as just setting your alarm to go off earlier time than usual, because then we get stuck in a "snooze ritual" where we continuously hit the snooze button until we eventually wake up and by that time we realize that we didn't wake up early and convince ourselves that our entire day is ruined. Here is how I got over the barrier that prevents us from waking up earlier.

Ask yourself why.

Why do you want to wake up early, is there anything specific you want to do early in the morning? Don't just wake up early because the internet says you have to wake up early to be successful. Maybe it's because you want some quiet time to yourself, or maybe because you want to study early in the morning, whatever your reason is, write it down before you go to bed as a reminder on what you are supposed to be doing otherwise you will find yourself getting distracted.

Have A Permanent Bedtime

What time do you sleep at night? Do you have a bedtime or do you just fall asleep when you feel like it, because if you don't have a bedtime then don't expect yourself to wake up early that easily. Firstly, decide on the number of hours you feel are right for you, typically for teens, it's about 8 - 10 hours, adults are around 7 - 9 while elders should have around 7 - 8 hours. The body is said to work with sleep cycles of about 90 minutes and waking up between these sleep cycles will do you better than waking up during one. To figure out the right times to fall asleep visit, it helps figure out the right times to go to sleep depending on when you want to wake up or vice versa, it's a really useful tool. Note: you have to be asleep by these times, this is not the time you should be going to bed, the average human falls asleep in 14 minutes, but this might not be the case if you usually sleep late. When I first started sleeping early it took me twenty minutes to fall asleep.

I like to use the sleep tracking app Sleep Cycle, it helps me track the quality of my sleep among other things.

Place Your Alarm Clock Far Far Away

Like many other people I used to set multiple alarms just in case I didn't wake up or if I did wake up but snoozed my alarm. To get over this, place your alarm clock away from your bed such that you have to get up to turn it off otherwise you will continue to hit that snooze button and the results of that are not very pleasant.

The Bedroom is for Sleep and Only Sleep

Try to avoid doing anything else in your bedroom besides sleep, that way your brain will associate your bedroom with sleep, and anytime you enter your brain automatically knows its time to sleep. That way you will fall asleep faster. When I started to incorporate this I noticed as an added bonus that my room was a whole lot cleaner than usual ( saves me the time of having to clean it every day).

Force yourself to wake up

There were times I used to manage to wake up early at around 5 am but told myself I would stay in my blankets for a few minutes because it was cold outside, big mistake. Every time I did this it would lead to me eventually falling asleep again and waking up an hour or so later. So what you want to do is, when that alarm goes off get out of bed immediately. As previously stated you could place your alarm clock far away from your bed, that way you will be sure to get right up. Sure, it is difficult but remember this:

The Best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

Get off your Phone.

I wake up at 5 am every day now and according to sleepyti that would mean I have to be asleep by 9:30 pm if I want a full 7 hrs of sleep and one thing I like to do is to stop whatever I am doing on my phone or TV at 9:00 pm because then I won't be tempted to go to bed a little later than usual. I used to watch TV shows at night and would lie to myself that I am going to watch one more episode before going to bed but as the suspense in the show escalates I find myself watching till my body eventually gives in to sleep.

If you do this consistently you will eventually find yourself not needing an alarm anymore and wondering why you didn't do this earlier